Upland Photography Studio Lighting Kit, 800W 5500K Umbrella Softbox Continuous Light Kit for Product, Portrait and Video Shoot



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About Upland

Upland is dedicated to integrating R&D, production, design professional photographic equipment. Specializing in the production of photography studio, aluminum reflector, softbox, tripods, universal head and so on. The integrity of our business is to provide quality products to our customers.

About Our Upland Photography Lighting Kit with Backdrops Support System

This kit includes square shape softboxes, white translucent umbrellas and backdrop stand kit. Softox diffuses the light into soft and even lights. When used properly, it reduces harsh shadows. The umbrella diffuses light to enable you to achieve softer lighting in your images. Both of them are indispensable photography equipment in the photo studio shooting. A sophisticated studio support system can cost thousands of dollars, but this portable system shouldn’t set you back more than 150.

2 X 33″(83cm) White Translucent Umbrella

2 X 20”x28″(50x70cm) Photography Studio Softbox: Black/Silver (Out/In)

4 X 80″(200cm) Aluminum Alloy Studio Light Stand

4 X E27 Light Holder: adjustable angle, cord and plug included(110″/2.8m)

4 X 45W Daylight CFL Light Bulb: color temperature 5500K

1 X 6.5x10FT Aluminum Alloy Backdrop Support Stand

3 X 5x10FT Seamless Nonwoven Backdrop: black, white, green

3 X Spring Clamp


Photography Studio Softbox

Photography Studio Softbox

White TransluceWhite Translucent Umbrellant Umbrella

White TransluceWhite Translucent Umbrellant Umbrella

Backdrop Support Stand

Backdrop Support Stand

Seamless Nonwoven Backdrop

Seamless Nonwoven Backdrop

2 X Photography Studio Softbox

Size: 20×28″-50x70cm/Color: Black/Silver (Out/In)
Made of high-reflecting and heat-resistant material. Soften lighting for reducing overexposure and hot spots.
45W 110V Energy-Saving Daylight CFL Light Bulbs (2pcs): color temperature 5500K

2 X White Translucent Umbrella

Made of high quality nylon. Reflect and spread light stream evenly. Eliminate glare and spots.
45W 110V Energy-Saving Daylight CFL Light Bulbs (2pcs) : color temperature 5500K

Backdrop Support Stand (5x10FT)

Height: 80″(200cm)
The upland light stand is constructed from aluminum alloy.
Its solid locking capabilities ensure the safety of your lighting equipment when in use.

3 X Seamless Nonwoven Backdrop

Material: Nonwoven fabric (black, white, green), seamless and weaving surface, machine washable.



Live Streaming
Portrait Photography
Product Photography
Food Photography

【2 X Photography Studio Softbox】20*28 inch; With 2 pieces of 45W bulbs, it will soften light stream and remove shadow to make perfect shooting result; moreover, it will reduce overexposure and hot spots; perfect for any object’s shooting
【2 X Daylight White Translucent Umbrellas】33 inch; With 2 pieces 45W CFL daylight bulbs and 2 pieces of single-head light holder. The pure-white and translucent umbrella cloth, made of high-quality nylon, reflects and spreads light stream softly and evenly, able to eliminate glare and spots
【1 X Backdrop Support Stand】6.5 X 10 feet; The background stands are made from aluminum alloy, giving them excellent strength for holding up any variety of backgrounds. Quick single action safety locks make set up a breeze. Easily change the height of the background stand with the quick adjustment levers
【3 X Nonwoven Collapsible Backgrounds】 5 X 10 feet; Black/White/Green; Lightweight and easy to use. With 3 clamps for holding the backdrops. Suitable for any costume, portrait and large object photography
【Applications】This continuous softbox studio kit provides soft lighting or hard lighting effect. Perfect for costume, portrait and large object shooting, let’s take professional photos with Upland Premium Quality Photo Studio Lighting Kit. 【Instructions can be downloaded on this product page from ”Technical Specification”】


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