StudioFX H9004SB2 2400 Watt Large Photography Softbox Continuous Photo Lighting Kit 16″ x 24″ + Boom Arm Hairlight with Sandbag H9004SB2 by Kaezi



Product Description

StudioFX photo and video lighting kitsStudioFX photo and video lighting kits

The StudioFX H9004SB2 is a 3pc constant light softbox lighting system which comes with 2 softboxes and 1 overhead hairlight boom softbox. All the bulbs are included with the system, with 4 bulbs fitting onto each softbox. This studio portrait video lighting kit is easy to use and setup. These lights work great with digital DSLR cameras. It is ideal for all level photographers and primarily used for photo and video lighting.



Perfect for Product Photography

Enhance the quality of the images you take of products and food by having a natural white light illuminate and highlight the product’s best features. Take professional product photos in your own home. Save time and money by doing it yourself.


Natural Portraits

The 3-light system is great for a naturally lit portrait look. Set up a home studio and take your family photos, fashion shots, and headshots like a professional. Make perfectly lit photos for all your Instagram and social media needs.


Constant Video Lighting

Have a consistent constant light to light all your video project needs. Make professional-looking YouTube videos. Enjoy the ease of not having to wait for the perfect time of day to light your video project.







3pc 2400 Softbox Lighting Kit H9004sb23pc 2400 Softbox Lighting Kit H9004sb2

Package Includes

2pc Softbox Lights (1600w)

Two (2) Top Quality 7 foot Light Stands
Two (2) 16″ x 24″ Softbox w/ Inner and Outer Diffuser Cover
Two (2) Premium 4 Light Bank Holders
Two (2) Power Cord
Eight (8) 45 Watt 5500k Compact Fluorescent Daylight Bulbs
One (1) Premium Carrying Case

Boom/Overhead Light (800w)

One (1) 31″-71″ boom arm
One (1) Grip head
One (1) Sandbag
One (1) 7 foot Light stand
Four (4) 45 Watt 5500k Compact Fluorescent Daylight Bulbs
One (1) 16″x24″ Softbox (Includes Diffuser Cover)

Boom Overhead Light

Boom Overhead Light

4 Bulb Light Bank

4 Bulb Light Bank

2000w softbox lighting

2000w softbox lighting

The boom overhead light provides unobtrusive lighting for your studio set up. Easily rotate the boom arm to get the perfect angle. Counterweight and sandbag included to help balance the stand.

Studio quality 4 light bank holder provides superior performance by eliminating glare and distributing even lighting. With multiple ON/OFF switches you will have total control over Lumen/Brightness.

This softbox system is perfect for portraits, product shots, and video. This is a complete studio kit. Nothing additional is needed to make this system work.

Three 16″X24″ Softbox
3 x Lightstand 7′ tall (One Boom Arm with Sandbag)
3 x Light head able to hold 4 light bulbs each
12 x 45watt photo video flourescent bulbs 5500k Daylight Balance Bulbs
Free Deluxe Carrying Case Included Able To Fit the Whole Kit In One Bag


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