Sowing the Mustard Seed: The Struggle for Freedom and Democracy in Uganda



Sowing the Mustard Seed is a story of unflinching bravery. It is the story of unwavering search for a true, revolutionary, and development-oriented leadership. The author takes the reader on a tell-all journey of the sacrifice that he and other young Ugandans decided to take in order to liberate their country from the jaws of helplessness, to which the first post-independence governments had conspired to consign it.

In this spell-binding tale, told in the first-person voice, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni traces the journey of his life from his first few months on earth, through his education, after which he and other patriots embarked on a journey of seeking empowerment to overthrow the despotic regime of Idi Amin Dada. It also delves into other wars, such as the long-drawn-out bid to neutralise Joseph Kony’s ragtag Lord’s Resistance Army and professionalising the Ugandan army, after many years of sectarianism. Besides illuminating the struggles of the past, the author shares his vision for Uganda and the pillars he has over the years put in place as president to ensure Uganda’s future is secure both economically and socially.

Written in easily accessible but highly Africanised language, it is a tale of unstinting focus and commitment that will both inform and inspire the reader.


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