ESDDI Softbox Photography Lighting Kit Photo Studio Light with 2 X 450W 5400K LED Bulbs 2 X 50 X 50 cm Reflectors and E27 Socket for Portrait Product Fashion Photography and Video

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Softbox Lighting KitSoftbox Lighting Kit

Some Questions about ESDDI PS070 LED softbox?

Q1: What to do if the received LED bulb does not work?

A1: Please send a message to ESDDI’s support email so that we can send you a new bulb. You can also click “ESDDI STORE” and “Ask a question” to send us a message with your order number and your current address.

Q2: Why is the bulb short-circuited during use?

A2: Please check if your voltage exceeds 110V, ESDDI LED bulbs can accept most American standard voltages.

Q3: What if I just entered the photography industry and don’t know how to install a softbox?

A3: Please check the instructions in the package or find us to send you the video installation steps.

2 softbox kits2 softbox kits

bulb replacementbulb replacement

Lifetime Replacement

If you are facing with the following question, or any other questions, please click “ESDDI STORE” and “Ask a question” and send us your order number and your question.

Bulb Replacement. If your bulb is broken or missing, you want get a new one.

Lighting Fixing Nuts broken or missing.

White cover broken or missing.

Any other questions.


Wattage 50 W
Colour temperature (kelvin): 5400 K
Rated luminous flux light output (Lumens) :4000 lm
Colour rendering index (CRI): 85
Lamp holder: E27
Voltage: 110V

Switch off power supply before fixing lamp;

Do not install in damp and sealed surroundings;

Do not touch the lamps immediately after use as they could be hot;

much brighter LED bulb

much brighter LED bulb

Low Lumens Depreciation

Low Lumens Depreciation

Strong Bulb

Strong Bulb

High Brightness & Energy-Saving

Comparing with the CFL bulb, LED bulb is high luminous efficiency, long lasting, low energy consumption, no dimming.
50 W LED bulb supplied equal to 450 W incandescent bulb.

Low Lumens Depreciation

Even after a period of use, the brightness of LED bulbs is still brighter than that of CFL bulbs.

Strong and Not Fragile

The LED bulb is less fragiler and much stronger than traditional filament bulbs.
Not easy to break during transportation.

lighting kitlighting kit

Softbox Lighting Kit indoorSoftbox Lighting Kit indoor


2 * 85 W CFL bulbs

2 * 50 W LED bulbs

1 * 50 W LED bulb

Total Output Watt

800 W

900 W

450 W

Bulb Voltage & Socket

110V, E27

110V, E27

110V, E27





Softbox Size

50 x 70 cm

50 x 50 cm

40 x 40 cm


27 in – 80 in / 68.6 cm – 203 cm

26.77 in – 75.6 in / 68 cm – 192 cm

16 in – 60 in


Standard US Plug

Standard US Plug

Standard US Plug

Rotatable Head




Package Size

70 X 20 X 21 cm³

95 X 17 X 15.5 cm³

43 x 18.50 x 26.5 cm³

Package Weight

4.45 kg

4.5 kg


Strong and long service life LED bulbs. The ESDDI LED softbox lighting kit has 2 updated LED bulbs. It uses a plastic lampshade to protect the lamppost inside. Compared with the CFL bulb, it is more resistant to breakage during transportation. With low energy consumption, the LED bulb provides approx 25000 hours of long service life. (Poor heat dissipation conditions will reduce service life). Any problem with the LED bulb, please contact us immediately, we will reply to you in 1 workday.
Safe, energy-saving but extra bright daylight LED bulbs. E27 socket LED bulbs working voltage is 110V (60Hz). If you need to use our softbox outside the US, please use an adapter to ensure safety. 2 x 50 W LED bulbs supplied are 1.1 times to 2 x 85 W CFL bulbs in total, saving energy up to 85%. 5400K color temperature is close to natural daylight. 2020 lumens provide more light. 85 CRI makes the illuminated object closer to the natural primary color.
You are the VIP of ESDDI once you purchase our LED softbox. Any questions, please click our store name ‘ESDDI STORE’ and ‘Ask a question’ to send us a message. If the product doesn’t meet your satisfaction, you could contact us to get your money back, we will reply to you in 1 workday.
Durable and high-quality materials make light extra soft and uniform. The inner reflect silver coating is granular stone patterns, reflecting extra bright light and highly minimizing the loss of light. The white cover is made of silk, lending soft and uniform light. The outer layer softbox case is made by 0.2 cm buzin cloth, thin but not easy to deform, won’t leak out the light.
210-degree rotatable softbox case and adjustable stand. With an independent lock, the softbox can be rotated 210 degrees to provide diverse photographic needs. The light stand made of aluminum alloy offers good strength and stability. 3-section column design, collapsing down to 68cm and extending up to 192cm. Ideal for use in studios. The best choice for photography enthusiasts, novices, semi-professional, and professional photographers.


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