CAIYOULE Accessories Bundle Compatible with Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Film Camera Include Camera Protective case & Photo Album & More (Ink Color)



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Selfie mirror

Selfie mirror



1 x Camera Case

Colored appearance can be used as decorations for your travel;Lightweight and durable, it can protect your camera from the impact of collision, dust and falling;With adjustable strap, it is suitable for you of different heights.Take it with you and enjoy the fun of taking photos!

1 x Mini Album (64 pockets)

This mini album can hold 64 photos in total; Jelly color design can match the color of the camera.

1 x selfie mirror

Jelly candy color lens, can decorate your camera;Larger reflective lens, can be more clear selfie;The design of curved surface is more conducive to focusing.

1 x color lens group (4 colors )

4 colors, yellow / Blue / red / green; Jelly candy color lens can let your photos show different colors.

Body stickerBody sticker

1 x Camera body sticker

The sky star style design, decorates your camera, lets the pure color camera become the bright sky star camera.


1) as shown in the picture, according to the frame of the camera, tear off the sticker and stick it on;

2) The circular sticker in the middle is pasted on the lens of the camera.

Note: when pasting, don’t stick it to the hole of the camera or the reflector

Border stickerBorder sticker

60 x film border sticker

60 stickers of different styles can make your film more beautiful.

Operation mode:

1) tear off the film frame in the sticker and stick it to the frame on the film;

2) The rest of the middle part of the sticker, you can write a message, stick to the back of the film

Plastic photo framePlastic photo frame

1 x Photo frame (5 colors)

Colorful photo frames can be used to decorate your film and can also be placed on your home or desk.

Operation method:

1) Put the film from the top of the photo frame;

2) There is a bracket behind the photo frame, which can be clamped tightly.

Paper photo framePaper photo frame

10 x colorful wall hanging frame

10 frames of different colors can be decorated with different films; with clips and ropes, they can be hung freely in your own room or living room.


1) load the film from the top of the frame;

2) Fix the rope where you want to fix it;

3) Clip the frame with the film to the rope.

✿Mini 11 accessories, compatible with Fujifilm instax mini 11 Instant Film Camera.Note: NOT include mini 11 camera.
✿Full Protection-The mini 11 case is especially designed to protect, store, and carry Mini 11 instant camera. Removable front part will help you capture picture-perfect moments every time without taking the camera out of the case.The mini photo album will make your shots well-organized and last longer.
✿Product Variety, meet your different needs, create your own custom memories. Camera stickers,Picture frames, photo album, and film stickers borders to make your camera and film have own creative.
✿Package include: 1x mini 11 camera case with adjustable strap,1x mini photo album,1x selfie lens, 4pcs x color Filters,5xPlastic desktop photo frames, 10Pcs Rectangle Hanging Photo Frame,60 Pcs border sticker,1x camera stickers.


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